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June 2017 Picture of the Month

Four of a kind or all of the same suit are fine if you are playing poker. BUT if you are looking for unique, special, colorful, or simply one of a kind vehicles, then consider this advice:

Turn off the computer games, get off the sofa, pack up your friends & family and head on over to the 28th annual LSR rod run.

We have been waiting a long time & it is finally here!

Don’t you dare miss this one!


Check out the details under the 2017 Event tab!!

May 2017 Picture of the Month

It does not have to involve rocket science or higher level math in order for it to be a conundrum:

  • If they want us to drive no faster the 70mph, why do they put speedometers in cars that go up to 160mph?
  • If manufacturers want you to experience the thrill and excitement of driving their cars, why are they investing in driverless cars, turning the experience into riding instead of driving?
  • Who was the genius that thought building a car with both English and Metric nuts & bolts was good idea?
  • If they want you to drive less to save the environment, why install so many creature comforts into cars making you want to spend more time driving?
  • If the classics never go out of style, such as Mozart’s music, Shakespeare’s plays, Michael Angelo’s sculptures, or fashion’s ‘little black dress’, why did they stop building the Model A?
  • How is it possible that so many people do NOT understand which lane is the fast lane?
  • If we ultimately get to a point where all cars are driverless and no one will ever be able to get a ticket for speeding or running a red light, what new taxes will be required to keep us safe?

If these and other auto related questions keep you up at night, come join us at the 28th annual LSR rod run. Maybe together we can find some answers!

April 2017 Picture of the Month

The year was 1962 and hot cars, hamburger stands & soda shops were still the rage. Do Wop remained a popular sound of the day, and songs from groups like Jay & the Americans  and The Everly Brothers were being heard from almost all of the AM radio stations across the country. Can you recall sitting in your first car with your eyes closed and listening to ‘The Earls’ blasting out their big hit of the day? “Re-mem-mem, Rememba-member, Re-mem mem, Rememba-menber, ……Re-mem-mem then………”

The music, the cars, and the fuzzy dice all make us yearn for the Good Ol’ Days. Do you also remember:

  • Driving around town on that first day of summer vacation
  • Anticipating the up-coming Saturday night movie at the drive-in theater
  • Explaining that first speeding ticket to your dad
  • Learning to do body work on your car after wrinkling a fender for the first time
  • Hoping your mom never finds out where you spend most Friday nights
  • Wondering what that cute little blonde actually thinks of you
  • Your dad having to explaining the difference between funny & stupid; then grounding you
  • Wondering what that cute little brunette actually thinks of you……

Re-mem-mem, Rememba-member, Re-mem mem Rememba-menber, ……Re-mem-mem then……….Oh-a- whaa…….”


Why not let the LSR car club help you bring back these and so many other great memories? Plan on attending our 28th annual show where many of the cars from your past will be on display!

March 2017 Picture of the Month

I certainly knew of their reputation as mischievous tricksters and needed to be careful, but I was curious. There in front of me stood the two and a half foot high leprechaun with a sly look on his face. In a high pitched tone he stated that in honor of St. Patrick’s Day he would grant me one wish on this fine top o’ the mornin’ March day! I was stunned & unsure but at the same time I could not help myself.


After some thought, I said that I wanted the perfect street rod; a classic that has been stored away in a barn for years just waiting for the right person to come along and claim it. He made a face, threw into the air some sort of purple magic dust, and ‘POOF’…..There I was standing in that old building with the car of my dreams in front of me. It was everything that I had ever hoped for, from the color of the body to the chrome on the engine.” Is it mine?”  I asked of the leprechaun. He simply produced a crafty little smile, threw some more of the powder in the air and ‘POOF’……..


When I woke up I found myself sitting in a junk yard covered with dirt & grease along with some sort of purple powder that I did not recognize. Somehow I managed to hit my head & knock myself out while trying to pull an old transmission. Apparently it was all a dream! Or was it? How do I explain the Liberty Street Rod flyer lying next to me? It contained a note stating; Free classic cars are out of the question, but you just might find the car of your dreams at the June 25th LSR rod run!! It will be a magical event.

February 2017 Picture of the Month

People from all across the nation will be flocking to Punxsutawney, PA in early February to hear what the groundhog has to say about the weather and winter in particular. His predictions don’t seem to be that accurate, so maybe the authorities have been asking Phil’s advice about the wrong thing. Perhaps if he could really speak, he would give the following advice:

 To Punxsutawney visitors:

  • Quit waking me up every February. It is really annoying and I truly don’t have a clue about the weather.

To all car enthusiasts:

  • You don’t need to wait for spring or summer to get your classic car out of the garage and onto the street. If the sun is shining, the roads are clear, and you have a burning desire to see the countryside whizzing by you in February, then break with tradition and take the car for a spin.

To his fellow groundhogs:

  • Quit eating grass along the road side. With all the cars speeding by, it is dangerous and your meal could end very badly.

PS: from Phil.....

  • If I could get out of Punxsutawney in June I would be at the 28th annual LSR rod run.

January 2017 Picture of the Month

January is a time of renewal, but every 4 years January is uniquely special because of the presidential inauguration. If you are hoping for some validation of your political point of view, this is not the place to be. But if you are a true car guy, and can get past all of the political noise, you should find the automotive aspect of the inauguration fascinating.


Yes, there were horses and marching bands in the presidential parade if you like that sort of thing, but this year’s presidential event featured “The Beast” from Cadillac. Supposedly it is equipped with doors and windows capable of stopping armor piercing bullets, it has a tear gas cannon, weapons in the passenger compartment, and all sorts of sophisticated defensive mechanisms. Web estimates suggest it goes for a cool $1.5M. I suppose that is not too bad considering the Batmobile sold at Barrett-Jackson last year for around $4.6M. The movies would suggest that the Batmobile has much more in the way of offensive weaponry. Perhaps that justifies the difference in price.

Let’s not forget where it all started. William Howard Taft was the first president to add an automobile to the inauguration festivities back in 1909. He did use a horse and buggy for the parade, but chose to ride in a Pierce-Arrow on his way to one of the inauguration balls that day. He is credited with helping to launch the fascination and love affair that America would come to have with the automobile. Now that makes politics much more palatable.


I have not taken any pictures of a 1909 Pierce-Arrow, and 'The Beast' is not a pre-73 street rod, so I chose to feature a shot of a 1925 Ford. It is the type of street rod any President should be proud to ride in! Maybe a 1909 Pierce-Arrow will show up at our June 2017 show, but in order to find out you will need to be there!!!

December Picture of the Month

The year is fast coming to an end!  We must now close the garage door on another season of cruising along the highway with those cherished classic wheels beneath us and that shiny waxed body cutting through the air.


The upcoming season represents an opportunity to spend more time promoting;


Peace on Earth & Good Will



November Picture of the Month

We can feel it every time we step outside. The temperature is slowly dropping, the wind is a bit cooler, the leaves have long since turned colors & are now on the ground, frost is in the forecast, and we all know that winter is not too far away. But these changes are also signs to begin preparations for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We have much to be thankful for this November. First and foremost:


  • Family, friends, and the security & prosperity this country offers to everyone willing to work
  • Summer & fall seasons that were sunny &  filled with lots of car shows & local cruising events
  • Another successful LSR rod run that took place in June of this year
  • Finally, an end the annoying political commercials peddling false promises and hypocrisy!

Sadly, it is time to wave the checked flag and declare that the street rod season is over for 2016. So now it’s time to prepare the car for winter. Give that beauty one last wash & wax, and then park it in the garage until the spring weather once again ignites the desire to hit the open road.

October Picture of the Month

The month of October brings us that scary holiday that we call Halloween. It is a time for ghosts, & goblins, & ghouls; and for sitting in the pumpkin patch awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin!


Kids of all ages dream of performing amusing tricks and consuming delicious treats, but dreams do not always come true.  Sometimes prankster tricks go too far, and many will overindulge in treats, so it pays to be cautious.


No one wants a ride in an ambulance on this or any other holiday!  But, if one is necessary, what could be better than a trip in a classy flat black 1936 Ford…..                                           Happy Halloween!

September Picture of the Month

Several things are inevitable, besides death and taxes! Probably the one people enjoy most is the change in the seasons. Soon the leaves will begin turning color, the temperatures will start dropping slowly, and before long the weather will become a serious consideration before putting that classic vehicle on the street.


Do not despair; it is only September! If NASCAR is tough enough to run their sprint cup series until November 20th; and NHRA is resilient enough to drag race through November 13th; and those sensitive Indycar drivers are daring enough to race through September 18th; then all of you hot rod enthusiasts out there should be brave enough to keep those wheels on the street for at least another 30 to 60 days.


Stay positive! The street rod season is coming to an end, but there is still time! Enjoy it while you can.

August Picture of the Month

According to the newspaper flyers and the multitude of signs at the mall, it won’t be long before both students and teachers will need to deal with the reality of having to go ‘Back to School’! But, rather than dwelling on the activities that September will bring, I suggest embracing that familiar phrase; Carpe Diem, or in other words, Seize the Day! The month of August will provide us with ample opportunities for fun while winding down the summer months.


Here is the recipe to follow:

  • Fill a picnic basket with plenty of goodies
  • Gather the frisbee, kite, and football
  • Pack the towels, bug spray, Coppertone & umbrella
  • Gather the family & friends
  • Pack the Woodie and tie down the surf board
  • Jump in that classic and head to the beach!!


You don’t need a cruising event or an official car show to flaunt that shiny set of wheels.  A trip to the beach is just the ticket, and the open road is calling. So go off in style and have a blast! Make some summer memories that you and all of your friends will talk about & long remember. There will be enough time to think about school when you get back.

July Picture of the Month

As we transition from June into a new month, we immediately encounter another popular holiday.  The 4th of July is seen by many as the middle of summer and a time to enjoy our vacations to their fullest, but let’s not forget exactly what the holiday represents.  It all started back in 1775 with the shot heard around the world.  A handful of patriots decided to say no to tyrant and took that first bold step that resulted in our freedom and independence. Since then, countless have gone to serve in all corners of the globe to defend this nation and all that is stands for.


Today we light firecrackers, have picnics, attend car shows and take advantage of every freedom and opportunity available to us. Before putting on that new coat of wax, and shining up the street rod for the next event, I strongly recommend you take a moment to thank one of the vets serving today or one of the many that have already served proudly. And don’t forget to say a prayer for all the brave members of our military who fought and died since that first shot at Concord. They are no longer with us, but we must never forget all that they have done. It is because of their sacrifices that we have the freedom to spend our weekends eating hot dogs, bragging about our vehicles, and attending as many car shows as our hearts desire.

June Picture of the Month

It is finally here!!! We have been talking about it for months; the 27th annual Liberty Street Rod car show. The months of anticipation have been hard to bear. Now we find ourselves as excited about this event as a little kid is the week before Christmas.


So clear your calendar, break out your maps, turn on your GPS, or Google directions, but make sure you know where and how to find us on Sunday June 26th.  To make it even easier, we have included a flyer and map under the 2016 tab.


Everyone who loves the roar of the engine, the shine of recently polished chrome, the sound of the music we grew up with, and the nostalgia of the vehicles built before 1973 will all be there. So don’t miss out.  This is the event you have been waiting for!

May Picture of the Month

Depending on one’s state of mind or an individual’s passion, any given word can invoke entirely different images.  Take the word ‘elegant’ for example. To the mathematician it might bring to mind thoughts of differential equations or fractal geometry. The architect might envision a skyscraper covered in green glass reaching 60 stories to the sky. The baker might picture a multi-layer cake adorned with white decorations on a layer of white frosting.


All of the above are accurate interpretations of the word elegant. However, to the car enthusiast, the word elegant often conjures up visions of a design that is simple yet sophisticated. It might represent a vehicle that is the family’s preferred means of transportation to church on Sunday. To others it is possibly the one in which the wealthy are carried off to the evening ball. What is even more surprising is that to a handful of individuals, a well-worn rat rod is the very definition of elegant. You decide!


Perhaps that is why so many car buffs will be attending the upcoming LSR car show on June 26th. It is an opportunity to see elegant in hundreds of different forms. Be sure not to miss out!

April Picture of the Month

While reviewing pictures I have taken at the LSR rod runs over the past two years, I find myself coming back to certain images over and over again.  I’m not sure why they capture my imagination, but because of that, they become the ones chosen as finalist for ‘Picture of the Month’. I don’t believe that these images have any one thing in common other than I find them to be fascinating and they seem to fit the theme chosen for that particular month.

For the month of April, the theme I decided upon is ‘Far Out’.  Most astronomers would likely define some distant galaxy as far out, but any regular guy with his feet on the ground (or better yet, on the accelerator) might say Saturn and its moons classify as more than far away! But what would an LSR street rodder classify as ‘Far Out’? Based on the images I have captured in the past, this month’s selection seemed to scream Far Out’ more than any of the ones that I had to choose from.

Would you like to have your set of wheels displayed as an up-coming picture of the month later this year? Well the only way to make that happen is to show up at our event this coming June 26th (see our 2016 tab) and get a picture taken of your classic ride. As for how the selection will be made, Albert Einstein would likely say it is just a matter of perspective. In other words it is all relative to what captures my attention.  Come join the celebration in order to make you and your vehicle relative!

March Picture of the Month

“Beware of the Ides of March!” We know this as a soothsayer’s warning of pending doom to Julius Caesar. The quote was made famous through a play written by William Shakespeare in the late sixteenth century. But what possible meaning could it have to anyone surfing the web and finding themselves at a street rod web site in the twenty first century?

Perhaps we find the answer to that question by thinking about the month of March.  On any given day it would not be unheard of to find that Old Man Winter has given us frost on the windows, or freshly fallen snow that crunches under our feet, or air so cold that we see our breath. But as the Ides of March approach, we are tempted to believe that Old Man Winter has begun to release his grip on winter, and we could easily be tricked into believing that maybe it is not too early to put that classic vehicle on the street. Caesar did not heed the warning of the soothsayer, but you would be wise to use caution in March.

An unexpected spot of ice, a kicked up cinder, the ever-present salt spray, or a host of other unwelcome circumstances could easily result in what a street rodder would classify as doom. The warm weather and welcome driving conditions are just around the corner. Be patient! Use these cold months to begin your preparations for the LSR rod run on June 26th.

And yes, “Et tu Brute” are welcome to the June event. I recommend you bring the whole family!

February Picture of the Month

What are the first things that come to mind as you find yourself flipping the calendar to February and quickly realize that the month of January is gone forever? Do you accept the fact that 1/12 of the year is now a memory along with most, if not all, of your New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps you think about President’s Day and all of the papers about Washington & Lincoln that you researched and wrote about as a kid in grade school.  Or maybe your mind immediately drifts off to preparations for celebrating Groundhog’s Day and seeing the interruption of Punxsutawney Phil’s winter nap as he is pulled from his den.  Or….


Perhaps none of the above lofty thoughts & images immediately come to mind. Instead, it is more probable that you are like most people and will find yourself thinking about love and Valentine’s Day. The fact that store displays, internet pop-up ads, along with radio & TV commercials are constant reminders strongly suggesting that you remember the one you love, may have something to do with that.


Well, if Valentine’s Day wins out and you conclude that the world would be a better place if only we were surrounded by more passion and love, then attending the June 26th LSR rod run is a must. You will not find enthusiasts anywhere more passionate about their vehicles or more in love with the prospect of showing them off. Don’t let this important calendar day pass you by. We would love to see you there.


In the meantime, do something nice for your Valentine!

January Picture of the Month

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind……..” These are the ever-familiar beginning lyrics to that traditional New Year’s song Auld Lang Syne, that many of us probably sang just a few nights ago. The song conjures up melancholy memories of the past while prompting us to consider what the future holds. 


Perhaps the song has special meaning to those of us who consider ourselves street rodders. After all, the vehicles that we show off & treasure often have ties to a warm and wonderful past that is long gone, and one that hopefully will never be forgotten.  The song further inspires us to look forward to a future where these same cars will create new memories that will one day be as special as the old ones that we hold so dear.


With the above in mind, I have opted to post the first picture of the month. It is not a chopped 32 Ford with a big block engine, a racing transmission, or eye popping headers.  That image may show up at a future date.  For this month, I opted for an image that reminded me of my past and the first car that I owned; a 69 Rambler American. “…… and we’ve wandered a weary foot, since auld lang syne…”

Let’s not forget the Rod Run set for June 26th. It will be a great opportunity to create new memories! See our 2016 tab for show details.

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