Our 26th Annual - 2015 Rod Run

LSR Rod Run Time Line


It was possibly the best of times! It was possibly the worst of times!

Mother Nature would decide!


Wednesday June 24, 2015; LSR club meeting: The club conducted their final pre-Rod Run meeting. The past eleven and half months had been spent preparing for the 26th annual event. All last minute preparations had been made and the only obstacle left on the agenda to discuss was the possibility of RAIN! For the past 25 years Mother Nature had cooperated and allows us to bring some of the finest street rods together for the LSR event. We have had rain in the past, but never enough to stop the show. Would this year be different? Not only was rain possible but heavy thunder storms were in the forecast. We all knew it would be dicey, but the plan was to go forward….


Thursday June 25th : The weather report still called for rain on Saturday and Sunday. This could spell disaster!

Friday June 26th: The weather forecast changed. Sunday would be partly cloudy, but rain was still likely for Saturday. Did we dodge a bullet? Is Mother Nature a street rod fan??

Saturday June 27th: OMG, not only is it raining, but the stuff is coming down in buckets. It could be considered a Monsoon! The forecast still said partly sunny for Sunday, but you would never know it by looking outside!

Saturday June 27th afternoon: The attendee phone calls started. Everyone wanted to know if the event was still on and what the field conditions were like. Getting stuck in the rain is one thing; getting your prize wheels stuck in the mud is something else and totally unacceptable. Our position had not changed. The show is still on, but we needed help from above!

Saturday June 27th 6:00PM: Club members met at the event site to begin the set up process. The rain had stopped but the field was a mess and water logged. It would likely not drain by morning. We needed a Plan B! If we shuffled cars between 3 or 4 non-water logged, semi-paved spots we figured we might be able to squeeze 200 plus cars in without anyone getting upset or muddy. We would not know until morning.

Sunday June 28th the day of the event: Club members arrived between 6:30 & 7:00 AM. The sky was overcast but still no rain was expected. The first item of business was the field. None of us would put our street rod on the field, so we went with our Plan B! All club members knew what had to be done…. Squeeze all attendees into safe spots and work with the hand we were dealt. The good news; it was not going to rain. The bad news; we didn’t know if we had enough parking! And…the street rods started to roll in.

So….. How did it end?? Well, check out the pictures below and decide for yourself. We did not get the 300+ cars we had hoped for, but we did get well over 200 cars, and we filled almost every dry spot we could find.. From our perspective, Mother Nature does in fact like street rods!!




And…. If you want to see some images of the ‘Top40’ and ‘Specialty Award’ winners, check these out!



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